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NIKE Window Display

In the spring of 2015, Nike Design requested two window displays to be installed in NYC depicting a shoe being 'fired' through fancy pillows. All elements of which, must appear to float with no supports.  This was accomplished with a hidden steal structure installed into a foam-filled plastic shell over which a custom pillow cover was sewn and stiffened and shaped with glue.  Low-profile steel rods connected the pillows and shoe to the back wall.  Feathers were then glued to monofilament pulled through the pillows and tied to the shoestrings.  The effect is a akin to a snapshot of a high-speed camera shot at just the right time.


NIKE Window Display

Production House



Charles Parsons - Nike Retail

Supporting Artists

Trevor O'Neill, Asli Uludag


New York City, NY

Lead Artist

Eric Gushee

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