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Kintsugi Olla

This is an Ancestral Puebloan Olla or 'water vessel' that was created and fired sometime around 1200ad in what is now the Southwest United States. It survived with minimal damage for almost a milenium until a recent and unavoidable accident shattered it to pieces. The team at Suzanne Lovell and I decided to take on the challenge of bringing it back to life using the ancient Japanese method of Kintsugi, which is a repair technique that uses an adhesive covered in pure, 24kt gold leaf. The result is a stunning contrast of impeccable graphic design embraced by the organic vines of glittering gold.


Kintsugi Olla

Production House

Suzanne Lovell Inc.


Vessel by Unknown

Supporting Artists


Chicago, IL

Lead Artist

Kintsugi by Trevor O'Neil

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