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Bunker Series

Fear and Greed are opposite sides of the same silver dollar.

From the soup of the human populace, and not without great expense to their fellow man, rises a small group of people whose control over resources afford them a momentary sense of security and well-being.  Leading lavish lifestyles, they flaunt and advertise their successes to the world without a hint of responsibility or altruism.  Their garish estates are costly enough to match some municipal budgets and built with funds pilfered from their own brethren.  Then, with so much to lose, they secure their property and future by influencing our governments for their own self interests.  Greed, it would seem, has served them well.

These pieces are depictions of what I imagine to be the future structures of the wealthy.  They are theoretical models of homes and buildings that no longer celebrate the flashy details and costly materials intended to alert the population of the owner's monetary achievements.

Instead, they are fortresses; bunkers built to withstand the forces of an atomic blast, or from at least the thieving, starving masses that claw at the base of their towers.

Greed, still deeply rooted and ever-present, is less conspicuous now that the core of their existence has revealed itself.  Fear has ultimately and wholly consumed them as they alone, deep in their bunkers, devour the final kernels of our planet's resources and bear witness to the end of humanity.

So yeah, that's kinda dark which is why I made them cool lights too.

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