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Beacon Series

Chaos dominates the human experience.

For some, the inability to control the anarchy of our world and universe results in disastrous defeat, sending one's reality into a maelstrom of fear and entanglement.

Helplessly, these are the people whose philosophies become conflicted and confused, leading them to accept misdirected beliefs, teachings, and hypocrisies as truth.  Their overwhelming fear exhausts their resources for developing independent thought, effectively paralyzing them from experiencing the warmth and passion that follows the discovery of new ideas.  Ultimately, but not without first tragically destroying their surroundings and others, they become assimilated into the chaos; absorbed into the ether of our universe...and forgotten.

For others, this chaos is a celebrated existence of upredictability, chance, error, and success.  They fearlessly observe the universe and all it's chaotic reality with confidence and acceptance.  These are the people who balance the anarchy of the whole with the beauty of its parts.

In this series, I balance man's limited understanding of our universe, by arranging small pieces of its disorder into a composition of organized disarray.  It is my attempt to help those who fear the real world see light and beauty in chaos.

These works are beacons, calling to those lost due to the misdirection of their fearful instructors; created to pull the misled out of ignorance and into the serenity of knowledge and acceptance.

I know, right?

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