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A Non-Sequential mis-nomer.  


A significant component in my process of creating works involves a fluid blend of experiment, play, and discovery.


These ingredients, when allowed to be unencumbered by the proclaimed "guidelines' of the art world, allow me to imagine and produce pieces that may be considered preludes to a series yet-to-be-completed or as simply, one-off works of art.


Each one of these works, however,  feeds valuable knowledge into an encyclopedia of skills and techniques that I consult on a daily basis.  And, having the freedom to consult this resource and synthesize its contents results in an interconnectivity from piece to piece that may not be immediately apparent to the non-artist.  For this reason, and with regretful concession, I titled this section of my work as Non-Sequential to appease those who may experience confusion in viewing my body of work as a whole.  


This gallery is a small selection of one-of-a-kind, commissioned and experimental sculptural works.



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