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Form, Function, and the continuum of invention.


Creating a purely functional device, devoid of any ornamental embellishment, is the paramount objective of the Engineer.  As a counterbalance, the act of conceiving an abstraction, where purpose is debatable and highly subjective, remains the goal of the Artist.  Somewhere in the middle of this continuum exists the vast world of the Designer.


Good Design is of course a matter of personal taste.  But as a generally accepted rule, the most celebrated designs are those that attain an effective balance between the margins of engineering and artistic vision while satisfying the needs of current trends.  


The selected pieces displayed in this gallery are structurally sound works of functional art meant to satisfy my need to explore all corners of this continuum.  And, while I do admit that successfully achieving the perfect balance between art and engineering to be an admiral goal, due to the tremendous influence of trend, this 'perfection' will inevitably fail to be so with the passing of time.  Therefore, we must be prepared to accept that fringe designs may one day be the pinnacle of the new, well-balanced, trend.  These works are meant to speckle the landscape of the design world as reminders of this inevitable possibility. 




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