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Corporate Artworks, Product Development, Installations, Project Management, and Special Projects

TOALLC collaborates with studio partners, artists, and the rich community of art fabricators in Chicago to provide R&D, consultation, fabrication, and installation of projects spanning a range of size and scope that is ever-expanding.  Our network of artists are passionate explorers of all materials and are constantly testing new ideas and methods.  It is with this passion that allows us to accept the challenge of bringing ambitious concepts and unique projects to reality.  

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Dixon Fireplace

CLIENT:  Private Collection




Interior Designer Brian Gregory came to me with the request to engineer and build a 10' tall by 12' long solid walnut shelving unit with a fireplace installed in its center - all with minimal support.  Many fire-tests, weight-tests, anchor-tests, and patience-tests later, we came up with this.  The ethanol-burning fireplace by EcoSmart is designed to have zero-tolerance fire rating and may be installed into a construction using combustible materials (when done properly and by a professional).  Neither gas lines nor flue are necessary.  The Stainless steal fire box touches no wood and 'floats' in a 7" air-envelope that circulates any excess heat into the wall cavity.  A granite frame that surrounding  the hearth helps deflect the rising heat away from the wooden structure.     

Dixon Fireplace Detail
Dixon Fireplace left
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